Heilan Hands

Hielan Hands is a network of complementary therapists who work independently in Pitlochry, Dunkeld and the surrounding area. While each therapist uses different techniques for improving health, all members of Hielan hands share the same philosophy of working in partnership with the client to enhance well-being.

All our members are fully qualified and insured.Most of us have many years experience.

Promoting Complementary Therapies in Highland Perthshire.

It can be difficult to know where to start if you haven't tried complementary therapies before, and even harder to choose which therapy might be right for you. We hope, through this site and our brochure, to help you make an informed choice from the very wide variety of natural therapies now available in this area. You can find descriptions of each therapy we offer, details of charges etc. and some information about ourselves. All of our members would be pleased to discuss their therapies and how they might be able to help you.

Therapies for Visitors to Highland Perthshire

Increasingly, visitors want to unwind with a relaxing therapy as part of their holiday. This lovely area has much to offer visitors. Whether you're here to enjoy walking, cycling, golf, fishing, the theatre or sightseeing (for more info on Pitlochry attractions, visit www.scenicscotland.net
Why not treat yourself to a refreshing visit with Hielan Hands to make your holiday even more relaxing.

Corporate and Special Events, Therapies in the Workplace

Hielan Hands can provide speakers, demonstrations or "taster sessions" of several therapies. This can provide a relaxing break during a conference or enhance a special get-together.We would be pleased to put together a package to suit your event.

We visit workplaces, on a regular or ad hoc basis to provide a range of therapies for health and relaxation. A brief "chill-out" session during the working day can relax and revitalize staff, while a full treatment including health advice from one of our therapists can be of enormous benefit longer term.
For more information, Tel: 01796 473063

A Supportive Network for Therapist and Clients

Our members update each other on what's new in the complementary health field and share new skills and techniques. Our familiarity with all the therapies on offer means that if we feel a different therapy may be more appropriate for you, we can refer you to another member of the group.

Accessible Complementary Health Care

Our members believe that complementary therapies should be available to all, including those on a lower income. Most of our members operate a concession scheme. Please ask individual therapists for details.
For those with disabilities, please contact your chosen therapist to discuss access. If access to their treatment room will be difficult for you, a home visit can usually be arranged.