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Top & Toe
A Special relaxation session for two, this blissful theraputic hour includes :-
  .   A head neck and shoulders massage to gently ease tension
  .   A reflexology foot massage to promote health and relaxation throughout the body
  .   A refreshing drink or herbal tea to suit your needs
  .  Health and relaxation tips
The session will be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Contact Alison or Sarah to arrange a session.

Reiki, Pronounced "ray kee" is the Japanese word for "Universal Life Force/Energy".

This healing therapy was developed by Dr Mikao Usui in the 1920s. This was further developed and updated to Rainbow Reiki by Walter Lubeck in order to adapt to a more modern way of life.

It is a very gentle but powerful complementary therapy and has become increasingly popular throughout the past few years, It is presently available in a variety of forms throughout the U.K

Five main effects have been reported although the posibilities are many.
1 A deep relaxation for mind and body.
2 Dissolves energy blocks.
3 Detoxes.
4 Promotes self healingboth emotional and
5 Increases energy levels.

Most clients report a feeling of emotional and physical well being after a treatment.

A treatment is carried out fully clothed and can last up to an hour. Reiki energy is channelled by hand via the main Chakras (energy centres) in the body and can also be applied locally to any ailment directly.

Flexible sessions are available: daytime, evenings and weekends.

Testimonials and a blog are available at northernangelreiki.com

Treatment length Introductory session, one and a half hours. £35. Subsequent sessions one hour
Cost £ 35