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Aromatherapy Massage
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Aromatherapy massage helps to soothe the body, mind and emotions.

The benefits of having massage combined with the therapeutic properties of essential oils is what aromatherapy massage offers for easing tension and spasms in muscles, improving joint mobility affected by muscular tension, and stiffness. For example, the use of essential oils such as Zingiber officinale (Ginger) that is warming and stimulating to the circulation and muscles, or Rosmarinus officinalis that is also warming and stimulating to the circulation, with the additional benefit of working to relax cramps, while at the same time helping to tone weak muscles. Essential oils with calming and antispasmodic actions add to the benefits of massage of the abdomen for treating bowel tension, and can also help to reduce the pain associated with menstruation.

Massage combined with either the stimulating, or relaxing properties of the oils can have the most profound effect on people. A person may not realise how much their body may be holding tension in the muscles, or that emotions may be locked away if unexpressed, until it is released during a massage session. Massage is a good way for a person’s body to relearn how it is to feel relaxed.

As a Herbalist and Aromatherapist I often combine aspects of both therapies when patients come to see me, as I have found that healing time can be improved when massage is used either as a catalyst in the treatment plan, or as a supportive aid to the herbs given. For example, herbal liniments or ointments can be used, combined with essential oils when massaging muscles that are tense and painful, sprained, bruised, or around joints that may be painful or stiff.

Treatment length 1st session 1.5 hours, subsequently one hour
Cost £60 first consultation, then £40