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Crystal Therapy
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Crystals have been used for thousands of years for healing and therapy work and as Nikola Tesla quotes “Crystals are living beings at the beginning of creation. All things have a frequency and a vibration.” and he definitely knew what he was talking about.The basis of crystal healing is the understanding that we as human beings are actually moving energy tiny particles of light vibrating like the crystals.The difference between people and crystals is that we are emotional beings and emotions affect our vibration – crystals are not affected by emotions and therefore hold the steady vibration we are searching for to feel healthy physically,mentally and emotionally.

Each crystal has its own unique properties and minerals and these are what help us to rebalance if we are deficient in what the crystal has to offer. For example, Malachite holds copper which is helpful for Arthritis, Rose Quartz holds Magnesium which is helpful for the heart, Hematite holds Iron which is beneficial for anemia etc.Colour resonates as well with the various chakras but I choose intuitively rather than selecting the associated colour and chakra trusting my intuition to help me help you. Each treatment is unique. The colour blue generally resonates with the Throat (communication) Chakra and will help dissolve any blockages with speaking or listening but equally a blue crystal on the heart will help with communicating clearly what we feel.

During a treatment I use a pendulum to help dowse the energy body and help to bring chakras back into balance and to help me locate the areas of the body that may need to release or receive energy. Within 20 minutes of the crystals being placed they begin to work with body and your body will love you for it!

Crystals are a fabulous tool for unearthing hidden emotions and bringing them to the conscious mind. I believe emotions are what we are here to master and it can be difficult without a higher awareness of the bigger picture of life and the journey of the Soul. This is an ongoing journey for all of us but I hope I can bring you some peace and a deeper understanding to life which in turn will allow you to lead a life of passion and creativity and following your heart.

Treatment length 1st session 1.5 hours, subsequently one hour
Cost £35 first session, subsequently 30